About Happy Cluster

Happy Cluster is a newly created cluster with main vision to increase its members, and consequently of itself as a union, competitiveness.
The cluster consists of a formal group of companies with similar or complementary activities with significant cooperation experience between them. Eight of the companies constituting the cluster manage restaurants and the ninth is engaged with outsourced service.
‘Call center’ which services thedemand for central food home delivery. The sites standing for the organization main activity are located respectively in Sofia, Plovdiv, and Varna –in their city centers as focal places for economic growth and development. The cluster merging goal is to improve its member companies competitiveness. Efforts in this direction shall concern implementation of processes from best practices in management, in developmentof companies marketing strategies, andthe successful ways of entering new markets, and attracting new customers.
The cluster has a main objective to support the business development of its founders and members of the sector to provide travel services and in particular to operate catering establishments - restaurants, by improving the participating enterprises competitiveness. The association Happy Cluster covers a broad range of consulting services for development andimprovementof system operation, management and control of restaurant businesses, including sites operating under the brand name Happy and operated by cluster member companies.

Operation 2.4.1: „Encouragement of the business co-operation and clusters


Project BG161PO003-2.4.02-0016-C0001 “Increase of the competitiveness and improvement of the market positioning of „HAPPY CLUSTER” is realized with the financial support of Operative program „Development of the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy” 2007-2013, co-financed by the European Union through European fund for regional development and by the national budget of the Republic of Bulgaria”